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Alexandre Herculano - Brazilian Portuquese

Alex Herculano

I came across your ad at and I immediately though: "This is the kind of job I have always dreamed of."

I have two kids and I have always used my imagination to tell them stories before they go to sleep and for my surprise they were always asking for more. This is not surprising, as no kid would tell their parents that their bedtime stories are no good, but seeing how moved they were at that time made me happy inside.

Rossitsa - Bulgarian

Rossitsa from Bulgaria

Now... about Ginger.... I did visit the web-site and I read about the little Ginger-Smudge fellow. I find him funny and I think Bulgarian kids will love him.

I am a hopeless sci-fi and fantasy genre fan! I have always been! So, I think that I will be able to successfully grasp the ideas of Ginger Smudge, and translate them into Bulgarian (my mother tongue) in such a way that a Bulgarian kid would be perfectly able to understand them and get to love the little ginger fellow, just as millions of kids from all over the world probably have already done.

Haining - Chinese

Haining from China

I am a native Chinese translator, a "culture preference immigrant to USA with exceptional ability for cross-culture understandings" as they said, :-), a published poet without modesty :-), a modest monk building a better karma for a future of no karma.

Ginger could be a universal icon and new legend of clean, organic, soulful kid. I foresee/vision its animation version, with the kaleidoscopic fantasies created that would better children's life to such an extent that we will leave the earth on our starry trips without any regret having created this :-)
(hope I have not scared you talking as a poet who does not care much for reality)

Goga - Croatia

Goga from Croatia

I have been travelling for as long as i know myself. Still, the trip to Tibet and Nepal, last year in August changed my perspective. I can't really say what it really was and i do not want to go into Karma Cola gibberish... It was so strong i still can not put it into words and so important that all my travels thereafter miss this special character.

I liked India all together though i was so sick there that i thought i'd pass out even before getting to see Sai Baba. And i did not see him at all. Had to go back home, and yet it was not a mistaken trip. I liked Africa. Especially the Republic of South Afirca and Mali. Timbuktu is nothing of the spectacle if you do not see it from the within. I guess i talk to much not saying enough. I did not want to tell what i disliked. Still what i liked i cannot put into words. They escape me.

And yet i am an interpreter.
I hope i still conveyed something.

Dana - Czech

Dana from Czech

. ...I find "The Before And After Word Game" and "The People Word Game" very interesting, but it should be adapted into CZ language.

Anyway, I see that these stories are very good for a TV program. They are short and with interesting topics to be discussed with adults.

Hans van den Broek - Dutch

Hans from Dutch

I live on a tropical island; I know, you can translate on the North Pole if you like, but I prefer the sun and palm trees. Before I started studying English at the Leiden University, I tried to study Sanskrit, Prakrit, Pali and Hindi. I only gave up after two years. But it turned out to be useful when I translated Young’s book Eastern Healing. I have translated some 50 books so far.

Pekka Suni - Finland

Pekka Suni from Finland

I'm a freelance translator and why not a web designer, and work within my own one man company DigStory! I have translated 5 novels of Arabic Nobelist Naguib Mahfouz into Finnish and some movies and TV-programs from English, too. I've done also some scriptwriting for TV and radio.

My hobbies are taking digital photographs and sometimes manipulating them heavily with a computer. I'm also fond of electronic and minimalistic music and theoreticial speculations on the nature of nature.

You can freely contact me and give suggestions for GS web-site development or in any other matter if you wish:

Anne-Marie - Canada

Anne-Marie from Canada

I have been working as a freelance translator for more than 10 years, in an out, and full time for the past 3 years. I have adapted and translated 2 books for children (an adaptation of The Three Musketeers - Alexandre Dumas - and another one of A Christmas Carrol - Charles Dickens). Also, for the past few years, I have been translating many books for a Québec publisher. I also work daily for many agencies around the world.

Véronique Joly - French

Véronique - French

I’m a freelance translator Engl > French specialised in Arts, Media & Tourism.

Having started as a teacher, I have had many opportunities to conduct book-based projects with children: a treat! I am an avid reader, also as far as children’s books are concerned and I collect a lot of them from all over the world!

I got involved with GS because I like the stories and the writing, and because I would love to work in Children’s Books. Also, the project, so far, has been an amazing opportunity for international & cultural exchange and team built up.

I live in Southern England with my British husband and spend a lot of time in France.

My other interests & activities include music, writing, performing arts & religion.

Dörte - German

Dörte from Germany

I have a strong interest and understanding of themes like buddhism, consciousness, the nature of perception etc.

I'm a student of horticulture and have started meditation a few years ago, which also led me to asia, where I spent some time in a monastery. In the recent years I've been in close contact with English culture and I have read lots of literature related to your themes in English and German. I think I could do a good job in transfering your personal message into German.

Adam - Hungary

Adam from Hungary

I like buddhist philosophy and have read a few books about it. However, some time must pass until I can put that philosophy into practice in my life. Hungarian and Finnish are often linked together, however, Finnish is very different, there are no similar words or any other visible similarities. But Hungarian and Finnish originate from the same root. I know of no link to Basque. In fact, there is no language in the word that resembles the least to Hungarian, and there is no perfect evidence where we are coming from. Some wanna-be-scientists seriously think we are from an other planet, or that Hungarians ruled the world in the age of the pyramids.

Karlotta - Iceland

Karlotta from Iceland

I have started translating the stories and am attaching "It's GS" for you in Icelandic. I have also translated "The Magic Circle" and "GS and those Dino Wizards" and have started "GS meets the Space Things"... I am just starting to contact publishers in Iceland.

I found it a bit difficult to decide on Ginger's Icelandic name but hope you like the one I finally picked: Gulli Geimálfur. Gulli is a "little boy's name" (short for a longer name, sounds very boyish) and Geimálfur means that he is a sort of "Elf" from outer space... (we like Elves quite a lot in Iceland, you see). I really wanted to keep the "Ginger" in his name but I finally decided that it would not sound natural at all in Icelandic. In fact I knew a ginger cat named Gulli when I was little so maybe this is why I like it...

Seema - India

Seema from India

Thank you for educating us about Ginger Smudge & Memes and your advice on how to go about the business of this project. I agree with your business model and feel that money will flow once you make concentrated efforts in the right direction. This is my first project dealing with a childrens theme and I look to you for inspiration. However, let me assure you that I am a good learner and once I get a hang of things you won't have reason to complain.

Alessandra - Italien

Alessandra from Italy

I do like unusual challenges and having taken a look at the material I feel this is something I would like to do. I liked it. It is definitely different form what I usually do and very appealing, especially since I am interested in Buddishm, mind and consciousness, the nature of existence (that is not in my CV). I don't think it is difficult, just a matter of having the right approach, interest and sensitivity.

Keiko - Japan

Keiko - Japan

I do not have much translation experiece in Children's book area but at my previous workplace we did translate a Children's Book (Last Maple Leaf). Also, we worked for Simon Fraser University when they had promotion and introduced Canadian children's book authors. Besides, I have three children and as a "book worm", I love reading books for them.

Marie - Korea

Marie - Korea

I am a professional translator with experience in translating as well as proofreading a variety of fields, including books and websites. I translated a book on language learning by Steve Kaufmann into Korean last Fall and am now working on a Korean to English translation of a theological book by Pastor Kim, Yang-hwan.

I am very familiar with children’s stories, because I was an elementary school teacher in Korea for 15 years and have a Master’s degree in Education. Plus, my little girl is about 2 years old, I live in Canada, and my husband is an English native speaker, so I live with children’s books both in English and Korean.

Erika - Lithuania

Erika from Lithuania

I found your website very interesting. Especially the Tibetan material. I traveled in India for 6 months, 5 years ago and met a lot of people from Tibet, mainly refugees.

Have you ever heard of Jurga Ivanauskaite? She is one of my favorite Lithuanian authors. Her books about Tibet and its culture are amazing and very popular in Lithuania(unfortunately, they are available only in Lithuanian).

Helene - Norwegian

Helene - Norwegian

I am originally from Norway. I moved to the US in 1997 permanently. Growing up I have always been involved in drama and writing plays. I enjoy the art of the written work and I am currently working on a book myself. I work as a translator fulltime and really enjoy and take great pride in my work

Reza - Persian

Reza - Persian

It’s kind of impossible to stop the world of information and communication. People may not get enough to drink but they smell the "OCEAN"! I dare say as far as I have seen and felt it closely in the two different societies_Iranian’s and European’s_ people in Iran are much more up_to_date and involved with the latest such as internet, news , books, learning foreign languages as I used to be an English teacher and felt people’s thirst to English under my skin, and education and the story of entering university that has become a dream for the young as for the tough entrance exams and also the evergrowing number of attendants every year and etc and etc... than Europeans!

Dorota - Poland

Dorota from Poland

I had a look at your Ginger Smudge character (his name is wonderfully translated into Polish) and I think he would appeal to Polish children.

My name is Dorota, I was born in Poland and have been living in UK for fifteen years now. I am a freelance translator, although I specialise in IT and Marketing translations the children literature has always been very close to my heart.
Please click on the link to my website and see my example of children's literature translation (a fragment of BUMPS IN THE NIGHT by FRANK RODGERS)

Actually I am an aspiring writer for children as well and I am trying to publish my own children's stories.

Elena - Romania

Elena - Romania

I'm a Romanian translator, I graduated from a faculty of languages, English and Spanish section.

I worked as an English teacher for 4 years and I know children's way of thinking, so that wouldn't be a problem.

Alex - Russia

Alex - Russia

Ginger Smudge and the World of Hidden Things is again another great story. By the way, I work now with people who are in for the early childhood development. We visited a lot of kindergartents and they would really know how to use your GS stories. They can and will contribute a lot.

Marija - Serbia

Marija - Serbia

"I must admit there weren't many translations that were as much fun to work on. Plus, my daughter keeps bugging me to read the books to her as soon as I translate. Is there any chance you could send me a couple of your drawings for other books so I could print them out for her?"

Sanja - Serbia

Sanja - Serbia

I'm a native Serbian translator (with Master's degree in English), I love translating children's books, I love eastern philosophy (and I'm very much into it!) and I have contacts within publishing industry in Serbia so I might be able to offer your work to several publishers.

I have quite an experience in translating literature, especially children's books. I have a little son as well, so my imagination and ability to keep his attention with interesting stories are quite developed, too ;)

Jana - Slovakia

Jana - Slovakia

"I want to assume to present the books a bit differently. Not to change ideas or points... The main idea is ..all direct translations will fail... I´m "studying" something about Buddhism to understand YOU more. I am sure that if you let me understand your "feelings and ideas" for each book or strophe I will do it much better.

And also I think, the book should not be published as a book for small children. As I have told you before when you asked me what I feel. It depens who reads it. It might be strange idea for you, but I would present it as a book for teenagers and adults - "fairy tales for teenagers and adults " . It makes them "think" . This is the best way to get it ahead, I think.

Aleksandra - Slovenia

Aleksandra - Slovenia

My name is Aleksandra Zivkovic, born in Ljubljana, Slovenia on 6.9.1970 to a slovene Mum and a serb Dad - therefore I know pretty well what it means growing up bilingually.

After the 8-year (1977-1985) Elementary School in 1989 I finished The Secondary Scool for Social Studies and Arts in Ljubljana and continued studying Psychology. At that time I had learned my third language - english for 8 years and was using it in my studies and even more in my work as an activist with the youth organization spreading the UN ideals among Slovene children and youth (UN Clubs Association of Slovenia), which also was the active Member of ISMUN (Internatinal Youth and Student Movement for the United Nations) and in wich I finally had the honoure to work as the President.

Patricia - South Africa

Patricia - South Africa

Just project sounds very interesting I too am a writer and have recently completed a kids book. I would absolutely love to do this project as I am 100% bilingual. Afrikaans speaking but received my schooling in English. I translated a Dutch novel into English two years ago and loved it-what I do best. I lectured in English and communications for a few years with emphasis on creative writing. On completion of a course at the University of The Cariboo, I was selected as one of ten most promising newcomer writers.

Marsha - Spanish (Colombia)

Marsha - Colombia

I’ve had several reactions to the first book. I made a rather rustic copy using Alex´s slides and my translation. The reading at the pre-school was a success. It was read to 3 ½ year olds and a 7 year old who was visiting. Once the little ones understood that this was not a book about monsters, they enjoyed it thoroughly and most of them told their teacher who their favorite creature or what their favorite part was. Winners: surfing on the waves and The Red Thing. Funny. When one of them asked what flowing meant, another one answered, it’s like floating. The 7 year was speechless, yet seemed thoughtful in an intense kind of way.

I also showed the book to an old-time friend who, among other things, teaches yoga. I just gave her the book without any background. On page 5 or 6 she said, "This is a philosophical book." Towards the end, she said, "This is truly a profound book."

Wendy - Turkish

Wendy - Turkish

Hi, my name is Ginger Smudge and this is my bedroom. This is where I live with my Dream Things.

Merhaba, benim adim Ginger Smudge ve burasi da benim yatak odam. Burada hayali yaratiklarla birlikte yasiyorum.

The revised version of Ginger Smudge is attached.

I re translated it and my husband checked over it. The changes which i have made are in blue. My son loves the story :-)